The Eco-watch club was inaugurated in 2005-06.The main aim of the Eco watch club is to develop green consciousness and promote awareness and social responsibility among students. The club promotes recycling, composting, organic gardening and efficient use of land. Students are further motivated through competitions and quiz programmes and the opportunity to elucidate their work to the society through exhibitions and fairs.

Our vision is to create environmental friendly decision makers and influential humanitarians who can sensitize people and impart a sense of environmental consciousness towards development of ecologically sustainable environment and future

Our mission is to make students well informed on the current status of our natural resources and the environmental policies to promote conservation and sustainable development. We also aim to instill respect and accountability in students towards the fast depleting natural resources and adopt sustainable practices through innovative and cooperative inter-curricular activities like eco tours, workshops and awareness programmes.

To spread Eco-education among the student community about their environment. To mobilize students towards scientific enquiry into environmental problems and involve them in efforts to preserve environment. To motivate students how to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation.