Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED-Cell) has been started in the college which encourages, educates and facilitates students who became members to turn out to be entrepreneurs through its entrepreneurial activities and programs. It provides guidance and mentoring support to students planning to pursue the path of entrepreneurship and coordinate with various nodal and support agencies for the purpose. Entrepreneurship development cell has taken a greater responsibility to generate the entrepreneurship skills among the students and to help them to channelize their goals to become a versatile entrepreneur.

To create young budding entrepreneurs with a blend of both innovative entrepreneurial skills and corporate business leadership ideas for the future. To be a well recognized center of excellence for entrepreneurship development to create successful entrepreneurs.

To inculcate and develop entrepreneurialism and ignite innovative ideas in the minds of the students and enrich them with practical entrepreneurial exposures. To foster entrepreneurial thinking, promote, facilitate the business knowledge. Develop aspiring entrepreneurs into motivated, ethical and dynamic business leaders.

To sensitize students on the importance of entrepreneurship as a career choice and provide effective platforms for them to explore, learn and practice entrepreneurship. To motivate the young aspirations to become entrepreneurs, the facilities, guidance is provided and their ideas are nurtured by connecting them to the business incubation center in our institute.